Episode 119: Name That Attraction

January 30th, 2017

And now, the end is here

And so we face our final recording

Our friends, we’ll say it clear

We’ll state our case, of which we’re certain

We’ve had a show that’s full

We traveled up and down on Main Street

And more, much more than this, we did it the Dixie way


Shows, we’ve had too few

But then again, too many to mention

We did what we had to do and said it all without exemption

We planned each Disney trip, each deadline met along the countdown

And more, much more than this, we did it the Dixie way


Yes, there were times, I’m sure y’all knew

We bit off more than we could chew

But through it all, when there was doubt

We ate it up and spit it out

We faced it all and we stood tall and did it the Dixie way


We’ve loved, we’ve laughed and cried

We’ve had our fill, our share of losing

And now, as tears subside, we find it all so amusing

To think we did all that

And may we say, not in a shy way

Oh, no, oh, no, not us, we did it the Dixie way


For what is our show, what have we got?

If not for you, then we have naught

To say the things we truly feel and not the words of Kool-Aid drinkers

The record shows we took the blows and did it the Dixie way

Yes, it was the Dixie way


To all of our listeners, our fans, our friends, our sponsors and most importantly our families, we thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your life and for taking the time to record this podcast.  It's been an incredible 2.5 years and because of each and every one of you, you made it possible.

Y'all stay in touch, y'here.

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